Past continuous tense examples interrogative

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Both are correct. The difference depends on whether the negative is to be contracted with the auxiliary verb normally it is in colloquial speech. If it's not, it's unusual and therefore must be for a reason, and there are several possible reasons: the speaker may think it's more formal to do that it is rather stuffyor the speaker may wish to emphasize the negative constituent not crying. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 8k times. Example: A. Wasn't she crying? Was she not crying? Please explain this. Improve this question. I have heard non-native speakers say that.

IOW, even though wasn't is a contraction of was notpeople do not ask the question Was not.? If you are an English-language learneryou might enjoy our sister-site for English Language Learners. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

Simple Past Tense Example Sentences | Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Related 1. Hot Network Questions. Question feed.Quiroga, A. Did you notice anything in particular about the completion of the verbs? What about the sentence structure? What verbs make it up? As you observed in the video, the past continuous expresses past actions that began at a particular time and continue to take place. It is important to understand the past continuous because that way you will have effective communication skills referring to progress actions that occurred before now.

In doing so, you need to know how to conjugate this tense properly. On the other hand, the correct use of past continuous can help you read, write, listen and speak, with people more clearly and effectively. In this lesson, you will learn the continuous time of the past: what it consists of, its uses, structure to write its affirmative, negative and interrogative forms, some spelling tips and examples of its use in sentences that express situations of daily life.

Use past continuous to express past habitual actions that happened at a certain period of time in the past, through the revision of affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.

The continuous past is a verbal time similar to the gerund in Spanish and that allows to express actions of the past that happened in a certain moment.

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To help you learn usage and rules in the continuous past, review the following image. Place the cursor on the titles so that the information is displayed.

Look at this image, in it you will observe the rules to change the endings terminations of the verbs. Drop - e add ' ing '. Double final consonant and add - ing.

past continuous tense examples interrogative

Double final consonant if last syllable is stressed. Change -ie to - y Add - ing. As we have seen, the past continuous helps to set the scene or to emphasize the progress of an action at a special time in the past. Read the text A Wonderful Afternoononce you have finished, click on Start to answer the exercise.

You can only do the exercise once. Clker Free Vector Images Bailarines, bailando, pareja de baile, bailando par. Consulted on 28 April, Last Saturday John and Glenda didn't meet their friends. At that time, they were usually playing at the sport club but that weekend they stayed home. They both were deciding what to do during the afternoon.

It was a sunny afternoon. She walked by the window. A family was walking with their kids. A boy was taking his dog for a walk and the birds were singing. Glenda was going to bake a cake but she remembered he disliked cakes.

It started to rain and it was cold too.

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Glenda was preparing some delicious biscuits and chocolate at After that, John made popcorn and both went into the living room, sat and began a movie. They were watching a really funny movie. At John and Glenda started to play cards. They were playing for about an hour. John played some music and they both started to dance at They were dancing their favorite rock music. Glenda was glad.As we know that, Past Indefinite Tense is the basics of English language similar like others tenses.

We have already discussed that tenses like a tree. This tree has large and small branches. Large branches names are following. We have three large branches and every large branch has further four small branches.

Such as,we have discussed about the first large branch of tenses. First is present and there small branches names are:. Now,we can discuss about the second large branch of tense.

30 Contoh Kalimat Past Continuous Tense Positive, Negative dan Interrogative

This branch is Past. In this article,we would discuss and disclose about the first small branch of past. The first branch of past tense is Past indefinite tense. Past indefinite tense show work, who has done little time ago. We use 2nd form of verb in the past indefinite tense. The structure of Past Indefinite Tense is quite simple contrary other tenses.

You can test yourself with the practice of above exercise. You need to comply the above structures and rules.

past continuous tense examples interrogative

We already have it on our this website. Please use our website search box to browse it. Urdu English. Select Language English Urdu. About us Blog Google. Course Enrollment. Simple Past Indefinite Tense Guidance. Created By Editorial Board. Large branches names are following, Present Past Future We have three large branches and every large branch has further four small branches.

First is present and there small branches names are: Present indefinite tense. Aliza wrote an essay on Global communication technology. We met his sister. The teacher punished naughty boy. Aliza wrote an essay on Child labor. Did we meet his sister? Did they all swim in the canal? Remember Always!! Past Indefinite Tense : In simple : He,she,it,name,i,we you,they played football.

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In Interrogative : Did He,she,it,name,i,we you,they play football? Did they go to college? This comment form is under antispam protection. Most reacted comment.Past continuous or past progressive tense is used to express the incidents of a continuous nature that have occurred in the past. It relates to an action of continuous nature i.

Past Progressive Tense sentences can further be classified into Positive, Negative and Interrogative sentences. Go through the below given sentences carefully —. Above sentences narrate the actions of past those have continued for a span of time. Given below are some more examples on Past Continuous Tense. Go through them carefully —. Above sentences explain the incidents those have occurred in the past and have continued for some time.

Such sentences are categorized as positive in Past Continuous Tense. Now carefully go through the below given sentences written in negative forms of the above sentences. Now as we have got a basic idea of Past Continuous or Past Progressive Tense and understood all the three forms- Positive, Negative and Interrogative; we will further go through them with the help of suitable structure formula, examples and exercises.

In a Positive Past Continuous Tense two auxiliary verbs are used — was and were. The choice of the auxiliary verb depends on the subject. To better understand the Positive Sentences in Past Continuous Form kindly go through the below sentences and identify the subjects, auxiliary verbs, main verb ing form and also practice forming new sentences having same structure. Complete the given sentences by filling in appropriate verb or auxiliary verbs so as to make the sentence positive in Past Continuous form.

Verify with the answers provided at the end of the exercise. Complete the given below sentences by choosing correct verb or auxiliary verb from the choices given below so as the sentence represent a Positive Sentence in Past Continuous form.

Also verify your answers with the ones provided at the end of the exercise.

past continuous tense examples interrogative

Read the following sentences carefully and determine whether they are True or False on the basis of whether they represent Positive Past Progressive Tense or not. If False, then make necessary changes in the sentences to make them positive Past Progressive and verify your progress with the answers provided at the end.

Interogative Past Continuous Sentences (Hindi)

The auxiliary verbs used in the negative sentences are same as in the positive sentences i. To understand Negative sentences in Past Continuous form go through the below sentences. Also try forming new sentences on your own taking guidance from the structural formula and rules. For example. Please note that as long as the three following conditions are met, the sentence represents a Negative sentence in Past Progressive Tense. Though we will go through the structure and rules of interrogative sentences in further exercise it is interesting to note that Negative sentences also can be converted directly to Interrogative sentences by simply making minor structural changes.

Please go through the following negative sentences and their interrogative forms. For Example. Please note that the above Interrogative sentences are similar to those covered in preceding section 1 of Negative Interrogative sentences- i. Cross check your progress with the answers provided at the end of the exercise.

Answers- 1 was, 2 not, 3 were, 4 going, 5 were, 6 listening, 7 was, 8 not, 9 was, barking, 10 were, 11 was, flying, 12 were, leaving, 13 was, 14 not, 15 was, 16 were, 17 thinking, 18 were, 19 not, 20 worrying. Complete the given below sentences by choosing the correct word i.

Cross check your progress from the answers provided at the end. Determine whether the below given sentences correctly represent the Negative Sentences in Past Progressive form. If not make the necessary changes to convert them and also verify your answers with those provided at the end of the exercise.

Simple rules have to be followed for Interrogative sentences i. Carefully go through the below given examples of Interrogative sentences represented in Past Continuous or Past Progressive form. Interrogative sentences can also be converted into Interrogative- Negative Sentences by making minor structural changes keeping their Past Continuous or Past Progressive from intact. We will go through the different methods by which the Interrogative sentences can be converted into Interrogative-Negative and other forms.It expresses past actions having an on-going nature.

An action, that continued for some time in past, are expressed in Past Progressive Tense. This tense is also called 'Past Progressive Tense'.

Structure of Sentence:. Examples: He was waiting for you. She was writing a letter. He was driving his car. She was making preparation for the exam. The dog was barking at them. You were smiling to see me. I was planning about my studies.

They were eating their food. Examples: I was not expecting such a foolish behavior from him. He was not sleeping. She was not washing her clothes.

Simple Past Indefinite Tense Guidance

They were not shouting. You were not driving carefully. The snake was not running toward you. She was not decorating her room. He was not reading the book. I was not walking alone. The kids were not playing with the toys. Examples: Were they going to their college? Was he coming to his home? Was she singing a song? Were you asking me something?

Was I calling you? Were the people shouting at him? Was he listening to you? Was she walking in the street? Were you working in that factory? Was I answering the question correctly? It seems that you have disabled your Javascript.

In order to see this page, Please re-enable your Javascript!Pembahasan mengenai kalimat past continuous tense sudah dibahas lengkap pada postingan selanjutnya.

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Dan tentu saja setelah penjelasan, maka ini saatnya author menyajikan contoh dalam kalimat past continuos tense dalam bentuk positive, negative dan interrogative. Kayak apa sih bentuknya? Tentunya dengan penggunaan variasi kata kerja yang sudah kalian pelajari dalam daftar kata kerja regular dan irregular verb.

Demikian itu uraian kalimat Past Continuous Tense yang cukup mudah. Pembahasan berikutnya masih mengenai jenis kalimat ini dalam bentuk aktif dan pasif ya, karena belum lengkap kalau tidka dibahas, so stay tune!

Rumus passive voice- Uraian berikut akan menjabarkan rumus semua bentuk tense yang berupa passive voice agar memudahkan kalian dalam menyusun kalimat pasif dalam ber Melihat kata kunci past, tentu kita langsung paham pasti ini kejadian di masa lalu yang tak perlu diingat dan harus move on eh.

Kalau belajar tentang tenses, ga bis Membahas kalimat dalam Bahasa Inggris memang ngga ada habis-habisnya ya readers tercintah, karena kita bisa merangkai beribu-ribu kalimat dengan beribu-ribu kata yan Berikut ini contoh simple past tense in active voice and passive voice. Kalau dalam bahasa Indonesia nya adalah contoh kalimat aktif dan kalimat pasif dalam simple p Contoh kalimat passive voice- Masih ingatkah kalian bentuk passive voice yang sudah sering dibahas sebelumnya?

Bentuk kalimat passive voice semua jenis tense panda i Sudah saatnya membahas satu persatu jenis kalimat Past Tense yang sudah author jelaskan sebelumnya mengenai apa itu Past Tense. Jenis yang pertama apalahi kalau buka Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Daftar Isi 1 Berikut ini Pola kalimat past continuous tense positive: 2 past continuous tense negative: 3 past continuous tense interrogative: 4 Contoh kalimat:.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Past Continuous Progressive Tense refers to ongoing actions in the past. If we want to talk about some past action that is completed while another is still going on, we use the Past Continuous for the longer unfinished action and the simple past for the shorter completed action. Past continuous or past progressive tense is used to describe the past action that has not finished. In past continuous tense, we use present participle.

See the structure of affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. Read also: 50 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense. The train was on its way to the destination in the morning. A young lady was traveling on the train. A man was standing near to her. He was chewing gum. A cute girl was sitting opposite to her. Some passengers were sleeping on their seats when we were having breakfast.

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Verb Tenses. Prev Article Next Article. Tags: englishEnglish Grammarexamplesexercisessentencestensesverb tenses. Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When I entered the house, the chef was cooking the meal and kids were watching cartoons.