Nclex exam questions quizlet

Test your competence about emergency nursing in this nursing test bank. In this section are the practice problems and questions for emergency nursing and triage NCLEX practice quiz. In this nursing test bank, there are 40 practice questions divided into two parts. Please check out also our reviewer for emergency nursing below.

nclex exam questions quizlet

Welcome to the first part of your quiz about emergency nursing. If you are having trouble with the questions, why not read our reviewer first see below to refresh your memory. Quiz complete. Results are being recorded. You have reached 0 of 0 point s0. Looking for the rationales? Nurse Ejay is assigned to telephone triage. A client called who was stung by a honeybee and is asking for help. The client reports pain and localized swelling but has no respiratory distress or other symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

What is the appropriate initial action that the nurse should direct the client to perform? Nurse Anna is an experienced travel nurse who was recently employed and is assigned to the emergency unit.

In her first week of the job, which of the following area is the most appropriate assignment for her? A client arrives at the emergency department who suffered multiple injuries from a head-on car collision. Which of the following assessment should take the highest priority to take? Nurse Kelly, a triage nurse encountered a client who complained of mid-sternal chest pain, dizziness, and diaphoresis. Which of the following nursing action should take priority?

A group of people arrived at the emergency unit by a private car with complaints of periorbital swelling, cough, and tightness in the throat. There is a strong odor emanating from their clothes.

What is the priority action? When an unexpected death occurs in the emergency department, which task is the most appropriate to delegate to a nursing assistant?

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The physician has ordered cooling measures for a child with a fever who is likely to be discharged when the temperature comes down. Which task would be appropriate to delegate to a nursing assistant? You are preparing a child for IV conscious sedation before the repair of a facial laceration. What information should you report immediately to the physician? The emergency medical service has transported a client with severe chest pain.

NCLEX Practice Test 1

As the client is being transferred to the emergency stretcher, you note unresponsiveness, cessation of breathing, and unpalpable pulse. Which of the following task is appropriate to delegate to the nursing assistant? The nursing manager decides to form a committee to address the issue of violence against ED personnel.

nclex exam questions quizlet

Which combination of employees would be best suited to fulfill this assignment? A client suffered an amputation of the first and second digits in a chainsaw accident. A client arrives in the emergency unit and reports that a concentrated household cleaner was splashed in both eyes. Which of the following nursing actions is a priority?This is the first of our 3 free practice tests. Start your test prep right now! Quiz complete. Results are being recorded. You have reached 0 of 0 point s0. A nurse with 20 years of service on the unit verbally agrees to the change, but her behaviors indicate otherwise.

Which of the following actions by the charge nurse is MOST appropriate? The nurse determines that assignments are appropriate if the nursing assistant is assigned to which of the following patients?

A patient is diagnosed with a DVT. The nurse cares for children at a daycare. On a hot summer day, four children return from recess with various complaints. The charge nurse in the emergency department receives a call that four patients will be arriving immediately with various injuries. Based on the following reports, order the patients from first to last to be seen.

The nurse changes a dressing on a client with an abdominal wound with a Penrose drain in place. What priority information should the nurse chart about this procedure?

An older client is admitted to the cardiac floor for new-onset atrial fibrillation. I never want to end up on those breathing machines.

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The nurse on a locked psychiatric unit is administering morning medications to a patient with schizophrenia. The nurse in an emergency room receives a call from an ambulance alerting that a bomb has gone off in a nearby shopping center and a minimum of forty victims will be arriving shortly for medical care.

What action should the nurse take NEXT? The nurse supervises a UAP unlicensed assistive personnel assist a legally blind patient with their meal at dinner time. What action, if performed by the UAP, is correct?

Her right leg was badly burned. She has just been cleared for work by a rehabilitation facility, but she walks with a prominent limp and an extremely unsteady gait.

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The nursing assistant wants to return to work on her unit, which has a critical care level of acuity. To assist the nursing assistant, the nurse should take which of the following actions?

nclex exam questions quizlet

The nurse cares for four clients in labor on the maternity unit. Instead, the ID bracelets are taped to the chart and are often lost in the process. Which of the following actions, if taken by the nurse, is BEST to resolve this issue?Two of the four categories are divided into subcategories as shown below:.

For more practice test questions from professional sources try these. Click on the section names below to jump to a particular section of the RegisteredNursing. You should respond to the couple by stating that only unanticipated treatments and procedures that are not included in the advance directive can be made by the legally appointed durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions. The Patient Self Determination Act, which was passed by the US Congress ingives Americans the right to make healthcare decisions and to have these decisions protected and communicated to others when they are no longer competent to do so.

These decisions can also include rejections for future care and treatment and these decisions are reflect in advance directives. This Act also supports the rights of the client to be free of any coercion or any undue influence of others including healthcare providers. It covers hard copy and electronic medical records unless the client has formally approved the sharing of this information with others such as family members.

The elements of informed consent which includes information about possible treatments and procedures in terms of their benefits, risks and alternatives to them so the client can make a knowledgeable and informed decision about whether or not to agree to having it may be part of these advanced directives, but the law that protects these advance directives is the Patient Self Determination Act. You must immediately begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation and all life saving measures as requested.

The priority role of the nurse is advocacy. The nurse must serve as the advocate for both the fetus and the mother at risk as the result of this ethical dilemma where neither option is desirable. A nurse who organizes and establishes a political action committee PAC in their local community to address issues relating to the accessibility and affordability of healthcare resources in the community is serving as the client advocate.

Although the nurse, as the organizer of this political action committee PACwill have to collaborate with members of the community to promote the accessibility and affordability of healthcare resources in the community, this is a secondary role rather than the primary role.

Additionally, although the nurse is serving in a political advocacy effort, the nurse is not necessarily a politician and there is no evidence that this nurse is an entrepreneur. The Five Rights of Delegation include the right task, the right circumstances, the right person, the right direction or communication, and the right supervision or feedback. The right competency is not one of these basic Five Rights, but instead, competency is considered and validated as part of the combination of matching the right task and the right person; the right education and training are functions of the right task and the right person who is able to competently perform the task; the right scope of practice, the right environment and the right client condition are functions of the legal match of the person and the task; and the setting of care which is not a Right of Delegation and the matching of the right person, task and circumstances.

The registered nurse, prior to the delegation of tasks to other members of the nursing care team, evaluates the ability of staff members to perform assigned tasks for the position as based on state statutes that differentiate among the different types of nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel that are legally able to perform different tasks. Lastly, scopes of practice are within the legal domain of the states and not the federal government.

Observing the staff member during an entire shift of duty to determine whether or not the nurse has accurately and appropriately established priorities is a way to evaluate the short term abilities for establishing priorities and not assignment completion and observing the staff member during an entire shift of duty to determine whether or not the nurse has accurately and appropriately completed priority tasks is a way to evaluate the short term abilities for completing established priorities and not a complete assignment which also includes tasks that are not of the highest priority.

Lastly, asking the staff member how they feel like they have been able to employ their time management skills for the last six months is the use of subjective rather than objective evaluation. Only the nurse can perform these roles. Lastly, the role of the circulating nurse is within the exclusive scope of practice for the registered nurse and the role of the first assistant is assumed only by a registered nurse with the advanced training and education necessary to perform competently in this capacity.

Neither of these roles can be delegated to a licensed practical nurse or an unlicensed assistive staff member like a nursing assistant or a surgical technician. This client is legally eligible for Medicare because he has been deemed permanently disabled for more than 2 years in addition to the VA health care services. People over the age of 65 and those who are permanently disabled for at least two years, according to the Social Security Administration, are eligible for Medicare.

A failure to insure the appropriate level of care jeopardizes reimbursement. Nurse case managers do not have organization wide performance improvement activities, the supervision of complete, timely and accurate documentation or challenging denied reimbursements in their role. The Triad Model of case management entails the joint collaboration of the social worker, the nursing case manager, and the utilization review team. The Professionally Advanced Care Team, referred to as the ProACT Model, which was developed at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, entails registered nurses serving in the role of both the primary nurse the clinical case manager with no billing and coding responsibilities; these highly specialized and technical billing and coding responsibilities are done by the business office, medical billers and medical coders.

In contrast to this Case Manager Model of Beth Israel Hospital, the Collaborative Practice Model of case management entails the role of some registered nurses in a particular healthcare facility to manage, coordinate, guide and direct the complex care of a population of clients throughout the entire healthcare facility who share a particular diagnosis or Diagnostic Related Group.

The type of legal consent that is indirectly given by the client by the very nature of their voluntary acute care hospitalization is an implicit consent indirectly given by the client by the very nature of their voluntary acute care hospitalization is an implicit consent. An explicit consent, on the other hand, is the direct and formal consent of the client; and an opt out consent is given when a patient does NOT refuse a treatment; this lack of objections by the patient indicates that the person has consented to the treatment or procedure with an opt out consent.

Lastly, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act, passed inmandates insurance coverage for mental health and psychiatric health services in a manner similar to medical and surgical insurance coverage; it does not protect the privacy and security of technological psychiatric information, HIPAA does.

The member of the multidisciplinary team that you would most likely collaborate with when the client is at risk for falls due to an impaired gait is a physical therapist.Exam Tip: If all options seem to be correct and applicable, pick the one that includes all the choices in it. One answer is better than all the others because it includes them. All questions are given in a single page and correct answers, rationales or explanations if any are immediately shown after you have selected an answer.

You can also copy this exam and make a printout. The nurse is preparing to teach a client with microcytic hypochromic anemia about the diet to follow after discharge. Which of the following foods should be included in the diet?

The nurse would instruct the client to eat which of the following foods to obtain the best supply of vitamin B12? Whole grains B. Green leafy vegetables C. Meats and dairy products D. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Which of the following laboratory findings would cue the nurse to focus the client history on specific drug or alcohol abuse?

Total bilirubin, 0. Serum creatinine, 0.

HOW TO PASS THE NCLEX IN 2021 // The Ultimate NCLEX Guide

Folate, 1. The nurse understands that the client with pernicious anemia will have which distinguishing laboratory findings? Intrinsic factor, absent. RBCs 5. The nurse devises a teaching plan for the patient with aplastic anemia. Which of the following is the most important concept to teach for health maintenance? Eat animal protein and dark leafy vegetables each day B.

NCLEX-RN Practice Test Questions

Avoid exposure to others with acute infection C.Also, these files are on an online repository for safer downloading. So, happy free downloading. Most Noteworthy, clients who are at risk for skin breakdown develop fewer pressure ulcers when turned every two hours.

Also, by relieving the pressure over bony prominences at frequent scheduling intervals, blood flow to areas of potential injury is maintainable. Placement should be verified by radiograph to determine that the tube is in the stomach or intestine rather than in the airways.

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The turkey sandwich is appropriate since it is not highly processable food and canned fruits are low in sodium. Also, all of the other choices contain one or more high-sodium foods. Best Wishes to all. Furthermore, please bear in mind that we do not own copyrights to these books. Consequently, If someone with copyrights wants us to remove this content, please contact us immediately. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tuesday, January 26, Chances For Youth.

By Eric Brown. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! August 10, August 8, In this nursing test banktest your competence on the diseases that affect the digestive systembiliary system, and more. In this section are the practice problems and questions gastrointestinal disorders and their nursing management. This nursing test bank set includes 50 questions partitioned in two parts. Some of the included topics are: pancreatitisostomy care, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, liver failure, liver disorders, appendicitishiatal herniaesophageal disorders, hepatitisand more.

nclex exam questions quizlet

Quiz complete. Results are being recorded. You have reached 0 of 0 point s0. Looking for the rationales? Nurse Berlinda is assigned to a year-old client who has a diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis. The nurse reviews the laboratory result, anticipating a laboratory report that indicates a serum amylase level of:.

A male client who is recovering from surgery has been advanced from a clear liquid diet to a full liquid diet. The nurse would offer which full liquid item to the client?

Hematologic Disorders Practice Quiz (40 Questions)

Nurse Juvy is caring for a client with cirrhosis of the liver. To minimize the effects of the disorder, the nurse teaches the client about foods that are high in thiamine. The nurse determines that the client has the best understanding of the dietary measures to follow if the client states an intention to increase the intake of:.

Nurse Oliver checks for residual before administering a bolus tube feeding to a client with a nasogastric tube and obtains a residual amount of mL. What is the appropriate action for the nurse to take? A nurse is inserting a nasogastric tube in an adult male client.

During the procedure, the client begins to cough and has difficulty breathing. Which of the following is the appropriate nursing action? Nurse Ryan is assessing for correct placement of a nasogastric tube.We have hundreds of free questions for your test prep and review. All of our questions include detailed explanations so that you can learn from your mistakes. Our practice tests have 75 questions each, and they cover all of the topics.

To focus on a specific topic, choose from the category listing. This test is for the licensing of nurses in the U. This type of test adapts to your abilities, asking more difficult questions as you get correct answers. This type of testing measures your ability more quickly, with fewer questions.

It also reduces the advantage of guessing. The CAT format also allows more types of questions. In addition to regular multiple choice they also have alternate item formats. These include ordered response, fill-in-the-blank calculations, hot spots, and multiple response.

If you are doing extremely well or extremely poorly, the test will stop after 75 questions, and you will be given your score. At most, you may have to answer up to questions, as the computer works to evaluate your overall abilities and knowledge. The time limit is 6 hours. The time limit for this exam is 5 hours. These are both very challenging exams, so you will want to spend a lot of time on your test prep and review.