Michaels island cafe moscow

We have been in Moscow since August, and as freaked out foreigners with so-so Russian tried Cafe Michel as it was near our home. We loved it -- great breakfasts, good service, English-speaking waitstaff.

We have been back for many breakfasts and lunches since then, And they frequently give us a small box of free macarons! But it was Valentines Day that sold us. We didn't know where to go, and thought about Cafe Michel. I went over and made a reservation and was surprised to hear I had to pay a ruble deposit. Makes sense in its way, I thought. When we arrived, we were brought upstairs -- we didn't even know there was an upstairs.

It was something like a small ballroom, completely made up for Valentines Day, with special lighting, live music, and made up tables for two. It was quite beautiful.

There was a prix fixe menu, which my wife didn't care for, so we ordered off the menu, which was specially made up for the night with a lot of great choices. My wife got onion soup and I got a duck salad to start; she got a filet and I got Boeuf Bourguinon.

We had a Cotes Du Rhone with it. It was all great. The live music was a guitar, double bass, and a woman who sang in French -- with a good accent. All in all, a good experience. And, of course, the ruble deposit was applied to the bill. One more thing -- the upstairs bathrooms are beautiful. Newly renovated at tremendous expense, it would seem. Dear Damien, thank you for the review.

michaels island cafe moscow

We're really sorry for waiter, usually our team works excellent. Hope you'll give us on more chance next time!

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Michel Team. I visited the Cafe Michel while I was alone with my 2 yr old daughter. Not only the service was impeccable and child friendly but the food tasted really French. The eggplant quiche was more of a goat cheese cake but it definitely tasted like Macaroons were perfect and I just wished I could have tried all the pastries which looked delicious.

Dear Nicolas, thank you for the review.Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. View map. Things to Do. Map updates are paused. Zoom in to see updated info. Updating Map Restaurants taking safety measures. Quick Bites. Show more. Specialty Food Market. Delivery Only. Gift Cards Available. Accepts Credit Cards. Dog Friendly. Drive Thru. Family style. Free Wifi. Jazz Bar. Live Music. Non-smoking restaurants. Outdoor Seating. Parking Available. Private Dining.

Serves Alcohol. Sports bars. Table Service. Wheelchair Accessible. Cheap Eats. Fine Dining. Beer restaurants. Beijing cuisine. Brew Pub. Central American. Central Asian. Central European. Costa Rican.Skip to main content.

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Best Coffee Shops in Moscow, Central Russia

View map. Things to Do. Map updates are paused. Zoom in to see updated info. Updating Map Restaurants taking safety measures. Quick Bites. Show more. Speciality Food Market.

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Delivery Only. Gift Cards Available. Accepts Credit Cards. Dog Friendly. Drive Thru. Family style. Free Wifi. Jazz Bar. Live Music. Non-smoking restaurants. Outdoor Seating. Parking Available. Private Dining. Serves Alcohol.

Sports bars. Table Service. Wheelchair Accessible. Cheap Eats. Fine Dining.

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Beer restaurants. Beijing cuisine. Brew Pub.Previously I have been writing about the different locations to see in Moscow, however today I bring you a different post and is to share with you the top ten cafes in Moscow, in my opinion. Top about what? I have to say that Moscow has a very rich culture of coffee in general and that it is difficult to find a place that does not have good coffee. One of my favorites places for the coffee is Scramble.

It belongs to the Friends Forever group that have several other cafes in Moscow. Here you will find the best brunches.

michaels island cafe moscow

The best thing is they have breakfasts all day. The specialty of this Scramble Cafe is waffles. One of my favorite dishes are the Benedictine eggs with waffles or waffles with red berries and hot sauce, you can not go without trying them.

They open at 8 in the morning included on weekends. You must book in advance, especially if you go on weekends. Opening hours: Another of my favorite definitely and they also have breakfasts and all-day brunch. They also sell the best cupcakes, cakes and tarts.

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You have to try the Red Velvet cupcake and the lemon, orange and fruit cakes, in addition to their carrot cake. Here you will also find main dishes such as pasta, meat, fish, burgers or others and drink have coffees and teas, wines and cocktails.

The 10 best Cafes in Moscow that you can’t miss

They have several branches in Moscow but I love the one located at Prospect Mira. It is also perfect if you are going to spend the day at the Botanical Garden, since it is next door.

Another one that I like is the one in the Afi Mall, perfect to rest after a day of shopping. You can not stop ordering their eggs Benedictines and their creamy Lemongrass Cafe. Prospect Mira, STR 1. Monday to Friday from 8. It is one of the most famous, most classic and most renowned in Moscow. In fact, in Paris they have three other cafes with the same name. Although it is not within reach of all the pockets but it is definitely worth to come here even if it is to have just a coffee or tea to see and get into the atmosphere.

Andrey Dellos, who personally oversaw interior decorating, turned it into a symbol of Moscow, in a refined and sophisticated French patisserie, with a luxury baroque sideboard with ancient Chinese porcelain, and also antique furniture. The staff is also dressed in the spirit of the time.

Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, Sweets can be enjoyed inside the cafeas it has 7 tables, or to take away. The interior is in the style of Louis XIV.

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The teas, candies and the accessories are brought from France. Coffeemania is a Moscow-based restaurant chain that was established in Michaels St. Michaels Tourism St. Michaels Hotels St. Michaels Bed and Breakfast St.

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michaels island cafe moscow

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Cafe Michel, Moscow

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michaels island cafe moscow

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